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5 Steps to Building a Custom Sales Process #1: identify the core value proposition.

What do you or do your reps say when someone says why should I do business with you? Is there a consistent approach?
Is there a consistent way of approaching? Why should someone do business with you?

What is the value that you as an organization bring to your clients and say that in a way that's not just some cheesy old school? Yeah, we have the best service people love us. We've been around for 200 years all of that stuff that every single organization is out there saying get to the heart of the matter.

5 Steps to Building a Custom Sales Process #2: Map out the key steps of sales top performers.

Often some of the best ideas, the best practices are actually already happening within within the organization right now. What we do as a firm is we start to assess precisely what top sales performers in your organization are doing that is working compared to what the average reps are doing.

5 Steps to Building a Custom Sales Process #3: Script out sales tactics and strategies.

If you look at top performers, they so often are doing the same thing over and over. What we're often doing as an organization is scripting out precisely what those sales tactics and strategies look like so that way when you bring in a new person to your organization or someone who's maybe struggling a bit, and we want to move them up in terms of their selling ability.

5 Steps to Building a Custom Sales Process #4: Introduce the methodology to management.

What we've found is that we want to get buy-in and at the same time we want to train the sales management level on how to Implement these sales tactics.

For them to go through this process is both going to raise their game, but it's also setting them up to be the ones that are introducing the new sales methodology to the broader sales organization.

5 Steps to Building a Custom Sales Process #5: Launch to the broader sales organization with structured modules.

This is important to us. We're all about creating a structured approach when rolling out a sales process and this is important that we genuinely think about it in a way that is systematic and allows organizations to present it to sales reps in a very repeatable consistent way.

Here are the five steps to building a custom sales process for your organization. I want to hear from you. If you're a senior leader at a sales organization with over about a hundred salespeople, we would as an organization love to do a complimentary sales process audit where we will have a conversation with you, and we will talk to some folks in your organization to really understand where your organization is right now from a sales process perspective.

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