Tire kickers are those folks who just refuse to close the deal. They'll stop up your sales process and end up wasting your time. How can you spot tire kickers, and how do you handle them after? Check out how to deal with tire kickers in your sales process (the right way)

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Step 1- Ask questions to see their intentions
1:21 Step 2- Stop talking
2:12 Step 3- Be candid
2:55 Step 4- Reiterate
3:45 Step 5- Get them off the phone
4:23 Step 6- Send them the right resources
5:08 BONUS: Push back on high-quality leads
5:52 Recap

Check out this blog post for more tips to deal with tire kickers: https://blog.close.com/tire-kickers/?utm_campaign=yt_description&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube

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