– AccuDock Sales Representative, Brittany Thornton discusses the top things to keep in mind before purchasing your floating dock.

Thank you for your interest in AccuDock and our floating dock solutions. I am briefly going to walk you through our sales process so you know what to expect throughout your floating dock

At AccuDock we take pride in assisting our customers, but we do need some
information so that we can get the best floating dock for you for our residential customers.

We will have a couple questions, so please try to have as much information available as possible.
What are you using the dock for? we need to understand what you're using the dock to provide you with the best solution.

Do you have an idea of size or configuration in mind? If not don't worry we've got a variety of packages to choose from.

Do you have a budget in mind? A budget is important for us to know that we can get you the solution for the right price.

Also, have things to consider like accessories gangways, and attachments. We will ask you for some photos of the area you like your dock installed and your site address to better understand your project.

At AccuDock our number one priority is to make sure you feel comfortable with your purchase.

With years of floating dock experience, you can trust we will give you not only an exceptional product but first class customer service.

We welcome anyone in the area to come to check out our facilities here in Pompano Beach, Florida if you're not local, that's okay you can check us out on our website at

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