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Office Hours for 9/05/22 – Office Hours 895
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00:33 What is the best way to record and playback video of developers reviewing their code in a live stream and/or Zoom session?
05:01 What is the licensing use of the pictures that are generated?
07:47 What is the difference between Apple Cash and Apple Pay and Apple Wallet?
15:35 How about OH building an "instant feedback" mechanism that monitors the satisfaction level of producers who ask questions in "real time" while the answers to their questions are being given?
18:51 Steve Jobs allegedly tried to have the crew sleep in the building before the iPhone launch because he was concerned about leaks. How would you charge for those extra nights?
23:31 What are you most looking forward to at the Apple event?
26:06 Is there any better audio routing in ipados 16 or is it just more of the same? Looking to use bluetooth earpiece with wired mic
26:41 How would you set up an all remote zoom meeting w 12 participants where you want 3 panelists (same) to be on a supersource talking and responding to other people’s audio questions in Realtime?
31:22 is there a way to use PowerPoint on an iPad with embedded music to work in a zoom meeting?
37:57 Insta360 Event Sept 8
38:31 Synergy about a fix for what caused Alex to "thump" (ie. hose, wipe out) an entire Mac by moving a hard drive from one Mac to another Mac.
40:18 I just joined something called "polywork"
41:38 I'm running an M1 Mac Mini as a headless Zoom client, and trying to load a Birddog NDI PTZ as its webcam. Is there a way to automate selecting the right source in the NDI Webcam tool?
42:30 I had an odd crew request for chocolate chip bagels. That has me scratching my head do you toast them?
44:48 Did anyone try using a p2p low-latency solution like Sonobus or for 3rd party audio in Zoom, then you can have everyone on the same room, having the switcher client work as a sound hub on top of being a video hub?
48:39 Have panelists and host talk via Sonobus.
49:17 I want to use my iPad to do live streaming. Is there a gimbal made for the iPad? Any reason why not to use it?
50:52 Do you hope that in-person events like IBC and NAB will return to the levels of in-person attendance of 2018-2019?
56:55 How can we make sure those with disabilities and challenges are treated on an equal footing in our work with those without?
58:59 AI-enabled art generation tools that are coming out, is there a use case for using these tools in the storyboarding process, or are they not "there" yet?
01:00:52 *** RFP/Sales Discussion ***
01:30:00 What's the difference between a request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP)? How should someone approach submitting each?
01:32:40 What is your strategy to train companies from not dropping RFPs with a 2 day deadline?
01:36:48 If you were going to pick anything to sell that would have the most chance of success, what would it be?
01:38:01 Often times RFPs ask for design and idea details, which require work that is typically billable. Where and how do you draw the line?
01:42:00 As a vendor how do you use a DEI lens in the RFP process with a client?
01:44:41 If you're selling a product on commission what would be your minimum return? For example, 25% of the profit of each product sold.
01:45:58 I've seen this happen… you create a comprehensive RFP and the client picks the simple (incomplete) RFP from the competition who then charge for all the stuff they left out!
01:50:14 RFP responses and other large government documents delivered on an (encrypted) portable hard drive/SSD and not transmitted over a network. Why could that be?
01:51:10 How do you indicate and include the cost of maintenance/ongoing support when completing an RFP?
01:53:57 Has there been a simplified RFP process that small businesses and sole proprietors can more easily participate in?
01:57:28 In a large organization there are often RFP’s sent to other divisions/areas to compete with outside vendors. How are those best handled?
01:59:27 Is information you put in an RFP protected by copywrite? Is it considered intellectual property?
02:02:09 How does the RFP process change between government and private customers? Any tips for how to handle each?
02:02:45 What are you chances of success selling on amazon? ebay? craigslist? facebook marketplace? walmart? your own website?

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