High ticket coaching sales process. I am a marketing junkie and when I run into someone taking our industry to another level, my mouth starts to water and I appreciate and salivate over every single move.

I recently took a course with the great Mr. Scott Oldford and the way he smoothly sold his high-ticket coaching program at the end of it left me inspired and in awe of a master at work.

During this video I’ll outline the faucets of this process, what I appreciated about it and how you can implement the same into your online coaching business.

Thing is, selling a high-ticket coaching program and speaking to your perfect client can’t be desperate or brute force. You want to make a connection and remove all “desperation” from the process. When you exude desperation in your sales pitch and sales process you attract desperate clients. Desperate clients lead to lots of pressure, impossible expectations and a #coaching business that you certainly can’t sustain.

Take it from me. I’ve tried it all. The “in your face” and “fire sale” techniques and while it can have some immediate results… long term it totally sucks. You can sell high-ticket coaching packages while staying authentic and not needing to rinse off the icky feeling that you’ve sacrificed your self dignity for a sale.

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