Wondering how to SELL Life and Health INSURANCE effectively? In this video, Jeremy introduces you to STEPS 7 – 10 of his 10 step SALES PROCESS and explains in detail how to Empathize, Isolate Objections, Overcome Objections and Re-Present / Re-Close. Get the FACT FINDER: https://jeremysmithacademy.com/agent-resources/


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Watch Jeremy’s HOW TO SELL INSURANCE 10 Step SALES PROCESS playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0eJz3Ew51o94G5G9vYQVSBW20A738Ibe

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Step 1 – The Warm Up – https://youtu.be/rhxHuUlD0CQ
Step 2 – Fact Finder – https://youtu.be/k2oj16uPZZQ, https://youtu.be/yRZljuviy_s
Step 3 – Evaluation – https://youtu.be/yRZljuviy_s
Step 4 – The Turn – https://youtu.be/yRZljuviy_s
Step 5 – Product Presentation
Step 6 – Close
Steps 7 – 10 covered in this video:
07:22 – Step 7 – Empathize – https://youtu.be/PyhJ5Bx4OAc
09:25 – Step 8 – Isolate Objection – https://youtu.be/PyhJ5Bx4OAc
09:40 – Step 9 – Overcome Objections – https://youtu.be/PyhJ5Bx4OAc
14:28 – Step 10 – Re-Present and Re-Close – https://youtu.be/PyhJ5Bx4OAc


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Jeremy Smith is the #1 rated Insurance sales and marketing business coach in the US. With nearly 15 years in the industry as an insurance agent, trainer, manager, insurance agency owner and now business development expert, Jeremy is offering access to his Playbook – Best Practices in order to help fellow Independent Life and Health Insurance Agents and Agency owners make massive progress in their careers.

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In this video, Jeremy of Jeremy Smith Academy introduces you to STEPS 7 – 10, Empathize, Isolate Objections, Overcome Objections and Re-Present / Re-Close, of his 10 step sales process and explains the importance of having a documented sales process.
(Jeremy Smith Academy Video #11): https://youtu.be/PyhJ5Bx4OAc

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