The New York State gun law revises ammunition sales process.
With New York State's new gun laws taking effect last week, there's still plenty of confusion about some of the changes now on the books for gun dealers and their customers. And that includes the updated requirements for the sale of ammunition.
As Dean Adamski checks his shelves of ammunition for sale at his DD's Ranch firearms store in Alden, he is well aware of some customer frustration since the state of New York is now requiring him under the new law to record information about any ammo purchases. That includes not just the customer's name, address, date of birth, and type and quantity of ammunition, but also their occupation.
"People question, like, why do you need my driver's license for ammo?" Adamski said. "I'm 70 years old, and why are you taking all this information? So, I mean, people are apprehensive about it. I mean, most people understand it. You know it's not me, it's the state. But you know there are some people that are just they don't know why, it's so absurd to them."
And there are some quirks now, such as getting ammunition for shotguns and rifles that do not require owner permits unless they are semi-automatic weapons.
"Any ammunition including anything, shotgun, yeah the same process," Adamski said. "You got to take all the information down. How much ammo they bought, what they bought, caliber, gauge. Whatever it is, all the information has to be taken, no matter if its shotgun, rifle, anything."

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