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Sales Excellence – How to become a Great Salesperson

What does it take to be great at selling? What does it take to achieve a level of sales excellence? In this video on selling, I walk you through the steps every great salesperson takes to achieve a level of success that eludes others. #salesexcellence #greatsalesperson #howtosell

54 thoughts on “Sales Excellence – How to become a Great Salesperson

  1. Thanks so much for this information victor. I am an upcoming entrepreneur and current sales person. I believe 100% the information you have presented to us. I will be the best in sales!! thanks for the motivation 🙂

  2. You sir, are brilliant. I can sell and was just having a self doubt time and I couldn’t perform. After watching this, I am invigorated and hungry again to get my self back up to my ranking I should be. Thank you

  3. I believe what has been working for me, after watching Victor’s videos, is showing the right level of enthusiasm and confidence. Being overly confident can come across arrogant and to much enthusiasm can seem cheesy. Not being afraid to say No, is a great attribute. If you want to hold gross then these things are top priority. Also you’re not a sales person just at your dealership, but every where you go. I went to the Pacers vs Heart game on New Years Eve, today I came in and sold 3 vehicles because of people noticing my coat having my company logo on it. Plus not being afraid of talking to that guy standing in line holding 2 beers and ordering another.

    1. @Kris Akers Excellent!  You understand what many don’t get; people buy more than just the “logic of a sale” they also buy the salesperson.  Your attitude and confidence combined with your knowledge is a powerful 1-2 combination.  Thank you for sharing!

  4. I am a Senior Manager in Corporate Sales in India.Your video is full of energy,insights and one thing a Sales person finds it difficult is lack of support from his own company to complete his sales cycle by offering poor services.This is an obstacle for him when he finds no improvement in spite of repeated negative feed backs.But your video is very nice.

    1. @momthegreatest You make a very valid point! A “sales cycle” is not complete when the order is signed, it’s complete when the product (service) is delivered as promised and when promised. As salespeople we are at times at the mercy of service support to help close the sales cycle. Great insight and a great reminder! Thank you! VA

  5. Excellent advice victor. you were so right I was waiting on my company to hand feed me all the information I needed when actually you just have to go get it and everything will fall into place. I did make the first step by looking up this video now I just need to take it all the way. . thank you so much!

  6. Victor, I think your show is great! I’ve been a D2D Salesperson for quiet awhile but I wasn’t always good with closing and my pitch needed some adjustments. I came across your channel earlier this morning, watched a couple of your videos and taking notes. I really thought about everything you were saying and applied it to the way I would approach the field today. Well within my first hour I saw huge results. I am grateful I came across you and look forward to having you as my mentor.

  7. Love your videos, I have been in sales for years, and have found a passion in the bridal industry. However with this industry comes large groups accompanying the one bride. I have forever been working on maintaining control over the appointments on groups over 6 when selling bridal gowns, since when it comes done to it you need to have the bride sold on her gown as well as those in the group to give her the emotional support she needs. Any tips to help keep control over a sales appointment, when selling to larger groups?

    1. +Ellee Osborne The key is to get agreements and clarification throughout the sales process. The more you can get “Them” to verbalize what they’re looking for the less chance they’ll change their minds. Study “cognitive dissonance”. VA

  8. Great presentation. Clear, smooth and direct to the point. If you are a first time sales person, this video will help you encourage to go further. I’ve been in sales and marketing management for more than 12 years already and I still watch this instructional (and yet inspirational) video to keep me in-line and on track with my sales skills and goals.

  9. Victor your videos are very helpful and amazing! i watched this video yesterday and was very impressed. today was my first day selling master cards for Canadian tire Canada’s number one department store. my target was 5 activation’s i did 6 as well as multiple insurance and supplementary card add on’s which generated me more commission. the information you provided in this video was very helpful very, inspirational, and moving, and i am looking forward to viewing many more! Great Job!

  10. Great video – I train my insurance agents to think of the prospect as the most skeptical person they can imagine, and that to persuade them to buy, they will need to think through all the possible issues and objections a qualified prospect may have to buying, and craft a presentation that answers those objections *before* they come up.

    1. I am sure that you have great intentions but covering objections before they come up, is the definition of a “oitch” I have closed over 4,000 personal insurance transactions and the answer is not to even present until you know what they want.. The key word is They.. Only present what they want, and when you close, summarize only…..the hot buttons that they agreed to .. Objections are ok, some call them buying signals.. If you can answer this, then I will buy..Good luck, Randy Taylor, sales trainer.

  11. I’m a 20-year-old real estate agent that started in this year and because of watching your video constantly, I made my first sale.
    big thanks to you!!

    1. @SabanaHN I actually became a softerware developer. But I’m glad your taking a huge step in your career. Remember don’t let the veteran agents get to you. Real estate is a cut throat game.

  12. I’ve worked in Retail since 2011. i started in the stock room and was slowly brought to the sales floor (shoe store). i was taught by veterans back then demoing insoles and cleaners as well as other products. i can honestly say ive been inspired to sell and make the day. I really found your video very helpful on how to be a greater salesman than I already am.

  13. Selling is hard in the beginning but anyone can get better by persistence with the right methods.

    1. @Ka Ri Na mentality is the biggest, you can always learn skills for sales but you cant be taught discipline and habits, if you’re not the most talented at something or are pursuing something you’re not naturally good at it doesn’t mean you cant become the best at it it just means that skill is not how you will pass the competition (your high achieving co workers) it will be hustle and hard work follow my instagram: @elijahcraies

    2. @Ka Ri Na Kobe Bryant was never the best at basketball when he started in the NBA when he started, he just showed up to practice much earlier than others, turning up is 80% the more you do this the better you’ll get, they did a study of top achieving athletes vs underachieving athletes and their training routines, what they did in training didn’t matter whatsoever no matter how they changed their routines they stayed the same, but what was similar with the top performing athletes was that they just simply turned up earlier than the rest to train 🙂

    3. Hardest part is breaking bad habits, but it’s easier to replace bad habits with good ones than it is to just try to break it

  14. Thanks! (EDIT: All, feel free to take the summary!)

    1. Understand the product.
    2. Understand who you’re selling to.
    3. Have a sales process (Provide a simple path and educate the customer on why your path for them should be chosen. Provide insight! Information beyond the obvious!) Are you showing or are you selling? Helping the customer understand why and be the expert.
    4. Take personal accountability for selling and presentation. Compile information for yourself from every resource. Ask people why they buy from you! And ask veterans. Organize this information in a way that works with your process. At the end of the day you are responsible.
    5. Develop your own personal sales skill and people will come after you. Show people you understand the product, the process, the market, and put it all together and you can provide value.

    1. In another life, i would like to be your classmate and bestfriend and u would let me copy your notes which i missed because i was busy doodling during class

  15. Just started my first job as a salesman.. I haven’t made much progress so far, but I really want to get good at it. I won’t give up. I know this is what I want with my life.

    1. How’s it ben going? I noticed your post was 11 months old. Have you seen a turnaround in your results?

    2. Anyone just starting in sales, or anyone that is not doing so great… hang in there and maybe these point will help:

      The challenger sale – read this, learn this and be this.

      Learn, learn, learn and learn… yes In your own spare time, yea on the weekend and yes on your breaks.

      Structure. Make one and stick to one. Use what you learn to create this.

      Practice. Role play, talk to yourself while you drive, and if you sell via recorded call, listen back to yourself… constant training is key in any high end role.

      MOVE ON. If you don’t sell, don’t dwell. Mindset really is key, when you have a good focus and rythme, you will do and say things that you wouldn’t, when you are having a bad day… so don’t dwell on bad pitches and failed sales.

      Keep yourself grounded, sales is a balancing act. While learning, practicing, moving on from negativity and maintaining control of our structure… we can forget our end goal, our ego can grow and we can deviate from our rhythm… self orientation is key here, remember it’s about the client.

  16. I love how Victor is different from other self-proclaimed sales “gurus” and experts out on Youtube. You are genuine, and it just comes across naturally, you’ve really been a success rather than faking your success and that experience just comes across from your talking.

    Around 10:00 he says where we can get sales training information, instead of promoting his own business he referred us to our own research on the internet.

    I would buy your course even if you told me not to buy it. I guess you sold me well Victor

  17. I’ve been avoiding the topic of sales cuz I automatically think of the negative and annoying salespeople but you made sales make much more sense to me. Thank you Victor! I understand this is a major skill in life so I’m watching a bunch of videos on it and yours is the best I’ve seen yet!

  18. the video got me so excited !! Selling is amazing because we do it all day. What a great skill to teach, thank you for the insight Victor 😀

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