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00:00 Intro
00:35 What is MEDDIC sales process and how it can be effective?
01:45 Metrics: Show, don't tell
02:35 Economic buyer: Talking to decision-makers first
03:07 Decision criteria: Understand what criteria is used to make decisions
03:51 Decision process: Keep things moving forward
04:23 Identify pain: Tapping into customers' struggles
05:11 Champion: Advocating on your behalf

In this video, which is part of our series of sales methodologies, we uncover what the MEDDIC sales process is and how it could help you win new business.

The MEDDIC sales approach helps you qualify your leads and also convert them into customers. It is an acronym:

– Metrics
– Economic buyer
– Decision criteria
– Decision process
– Identify pain
– Champion

This MEDDIC sales framework helps you to understand who are the key decision-makers among your prospects and how decisions at your target customers’ companies are made.

You can even turn new customers into advocates, or champions, of your brand and product with the MEDDIC sales process.

The MEDDIC sales process is easy to remember, and you can train in how to perfect it with MEDDIC sales process PDFs and books to guide you, as well as our video and article.

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