/An Embarrassment of Podcast Riches

An Embarrassment of Podcast Riches

Podcasts are having a huge moment right now. Everybody seems to be either launching, hosting or appearing on one.

We have been in the space for at least 5 years, as either guests or own pods (MIB, Animal Spirits). It is obvious this is a huge new digital media, along with streaming, live gaming, and so many other things vying for your limited attention.

I have gone a little podcast wild lately — listening, recording, guesting, and more. Here is the run of whatI am listening to right now (click image for podcast):


Ben on with Roben Farzad
Alexander Burns


Josh on with Christine Benz + Jeffrey Ptak
Christine Benz


Patrick O’Shaugnessy interviews Jesse Livemore
Jeffrey Ptak


Penn Jillette on with Lewis Howes
Michael Barbaaro


Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway on Chewy, FB and Slack
Penn Jillette


Michael Barbaaro + Alexander Burns on the Debates
Alexander Burns


These are godsends for travelers and commuters. Download them and enjoy!


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