/#EconlibReads: Russ Roberts’s The Choice, by Amy Willis

#EconlibReads: Russ Roberts’s The Choice, by Amy Willis

Calling all readers! Please join us at #EconlibReads.

At the suggestion of an EconTalk listener, this week we started an online discussion of host Russ Roberts’s first book, the economics novel The Choice.

We’ll be sharing discussion questions and having a conversation with any and all who are interested throughout the month. (And requests have already come in for the next title to explore, so stay tuned!) You can join us in a Facebook group, or follow along with the hashtag #EconlibReads on twitter.

Here’s a sample of some of the questions posed thus far:

  • On page 3 (Chapter 2), Stellar Television Company president Ed Johnson says, “That’s how I measure our success- how many hours it takes one of you to earn one of our products.” Is this really a good way to measure success? Why or why not?
  • After describing comparative advantage to Ed, Dave [Ricardo] reminds him (page 12) that he’s redirected his (typing) skills to other areas. Can you share an example from YOUR life in which you redirected your own skill or ‘know-how.’ What was it, and what effect did it have?

We hope you’ll read along with us, and join in our conversation.

Amy Willis Calling

P.S. The whole schedule of readings is as follows:

Starting June 3, Chapters 1-3
Starting June 6, Chapter 4-5
Starting June 10, Chapters 6-7
Starting June 13, Chapters 8-9
Starting June 17, Chapters 10-12
Starting June 20, Chapters 13-14
Week of June 24, Chapters 15-17

We will close the discussion on Thursday, June 27.