/Escape(d) from New York

Escape(d) from New York

Dear patient readers,

I arrived in Birmingham more or less uneventfully, given the givens, last Friday, after a frantic two days of movers packing and loading their truck, and other types hauling out things that were not going with me, from lighting fixtures to furniture to designer clothes and shoes. And it wasn’t as if the weeks before that were a walk in the park.

A big round of applause goes to Lambert and Jerri-Lynn for stepping in and doing far more than their usual duty to enable me to leave New York after nearly 40 years and the apartment I’d been in since 1992.

Big thanks also to our generous donor who not only helped fund the enlistment of Lambert and Jerri-Lynn but also enabled me to hire the “moving concierge” In Order to Succeed. I could not have gotten this done without their help. The major domo of my move, Fiona Tiaramani, was extraordinarily efficient and focused, as well as resourceful, and the other members of the team were also highly professional.

Also thanks to the NC readers who came to my little underproduced going away party. It was gratifying to get such good turnout on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and see many faces I’ve seen regularly over the years, and enjoy the lively discussions. Several readers volunteered to haul away the remaining book (still over 150!) and it was Mickey who schlepped them to New York Public Library.

Finally, Stahl Real Estate was extremely cooperative (they’d already authorized the refunding of my security deposit by the time I was on the plane) and the building staff was very helpful and solicitous (they’d also gone out of their way to help when my cat was dying). I will miss them.

There is still a ton to do on this end. The truck is trundling here from New York and I’ll have a frightening amount of unpacking to do when it arrives. I’ve only changed a couple of addresses so far. I have to get a new driver’s license. A local reader, Joanne, has already gone way out of her way in providing leads for resources and even in taking on tasks.

And of course, even when you think you know what you are getting into, I know from my having moved to Sydney that you inevitably run into things you didn’t anticipate. I’ve already run into one incident of businesses not keeping the same hours and turnaround speed as in my former life. Intellectually, I should expect this, but I’ll probably have to learn the hard way to build in more small city lead time.

I expect to be back regularly, with a short visit in August already booked. I will also visit in November, probably the first half of the month, and will definitely do a meetup then. So once I am settled, we will be back to our regular programming.

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