In earlier videos, I shared the insight that, as sellers, we can slow the buying down. Historically, we did this by delaying a client meeting by several weeks to get the "2-week in advance" ticket price. As we no longer can travel, we see that buyers are now starting to buy faster.

Similarly, we see that the change in the way we communicate is disrupting the way we do business. In this case, we are seeing that sequential sales processes, often stage-based processes, no longer accurately reflect the way a client is buying, and as a result we are delaying the buying process.

In this video I go over three topics to explain all of this:

#1. Depict a real-life buying scenario in which my client is approaching me and jumping through my stage-based sales process

#2. I explain that this is the result of the tools both the buyer and the seller have access to, and that it is disrupting this conventional stage-based sales process

#3. To help our buyers to buy faster and have a better experience, in the years to come we need to move to a new model. A non-sequential sales process. Also called a non-linear process.

With this video, I share my passion for marketing, sales, and customer success, and hope to open your eyes to the science behind selling. This video is part of a series of videos that dissects all parts of sales into scientific elements, such as a data model.

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The impact of a non-linear sales process

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