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Only 11% of Sales People actually follow a Sales Process… Most sales people are winging it so it's so easy to separate yourself from the competition, By following these steps:

1) Prospecting! You have to be a very good prospector if you really want to achieve a high level of success you must always be prospecting and truth is most sales experts and sales leaders, usually exclude this step in sales process's but the truth is is that this is where the sale originates.

2) Greet / Fact Finding! Depending on where you are in the deal, whether it's a hot, warm, or cold prospect your going to have to be able to know where to pick up and how effectively and quickly build massive rapport as well as fact find to figure out exactly what they are looking for in your product.

3) Presentation! You have two ears and one mouth and that is of the upmost importance in this specific part of the sale, most sales people talk all through out the presentation. But true masters of their field, have the customers talk more than they do…

4)Close! The most important part of the sale because if you don't close you don't make money. The most important things to master and to keep aware of when closing are:
1. What are the most common objections and how can I prepare for them in advance
2. What are the word tracks and language patterns that i can say to increase my chances of closing the deal
3. What are the customers most frequently asked questions and how can I prepare for them.

5) Referrals! Your defense! This is where the future money is. Most customers are willing to give referrals but most sales people don't ask… Don't be most!

6) Follow-Up / Nurture! Regardless of if you close or you don't you need to you need to have systems and strategies for your customer that's going to allow you to follow up with your customers.

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