/Links 5/23/19

Links 5/23/19

Dear patient readers,

I hope you get some R&R over this Memorial Day weekend or bank holiday Monday, if you are in the US or UK.

I also wonder if any reader knows an accountant or tax attorney who is knowledgeable about how New York applies its franchise tax in practice. I can’t interpret a key part (it ties not at all cleanly or well to other sections). A top tax attorney friend says the New York code is famously not well drafted. I’d like not to have to incorporate in Alabama and merge my NY corp into an Al corp (my accountant advises against Delaware for a small business) and I don’t have a reading on the tax costs of not doing so (from what I can tell, they are either a nothingburger or pretty bad).

If you have anyone to whom you can refer me, please e-mail me at yves-at-nakedcapitalism.com with “New York franchise tax” in the headline. Thanks!

Timelapse of Molting Tarantula Will Make Your Skin Crawl Sputnik (guurst)

Moms of Other Species Pressure Their Kids Into Having Grandchildren, Too Inverse (Chuck L)

The plane that led D-Day is flying back to Normandy MPR News (Chuck L)

How the World’s First Digital Circuit Breaker Could Completely Change Our Powered World Popular Mechanics. Chuck L: “We should start a pool on the date of the first outage confirmed to be caused by a hacked breaker trip.’

How a synthetic genome could be used to repurpose life forms Financial Times (David L)


The Great Power Game is On and China is Winning American Conservative (resilc)

Huawei Executive Accused of Helping Steal Trade Secrets The Verge


Final count under way for India’s marathon election BBC. Live blog.


Theresa May prepares to quit after Cabinet mutiny The Times

May sparks fury by killing off Cabinet No Deal debate The Sun

Exclusive: The surprise new clause in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill proves final straw for many ministers Telegraph

UK suffers crushing defeat in UN vote on Chagos Islands Guardian


Trump Administration Threatens Syrian Government Over New Alleged Chemical Attack Daily Beast

Even Trump Plan That Fails Could Help Israel Annex West Bank Bloomberg

US-Israel relationship is ‘altar’ of ‘holiness,’ and Jerusalem embassy is ‘shrine’ — US ambassador Mondoweiss. Chuck L: “Worth it just for the cartoon.”

Impeachment Should Be on the Table If Trump Bombs Iran American Conservative (resilc)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Your Car Knows When You Gain Weight New York Times (Chuck L). Haha, not if you drive antiques!

Imperial Collapse Watch

Pentagon Budget Bill Would End 2001 War Authorization Antiwar (resilc)

Lessons from the Gulf of Tonkin Incident LobeLog (resilc)

Trump Transition

Judge rules Deutsche Bank can hand over Trump financial records to Congress NBC (furzy)

The US Government Is Like A Bad Dad Caitlin Johnstone (Chuck L)

Michael Avenatti Forged Stormy Daniels’ Signature to Steal $300K: Feds Daily Beast (UserFriendly)

Thom Hartmann: This is How Republics Die Truthdig (John Z). Depicts Trump as a cause rather than a symptom. It was Obama that got rid of habeas corpus, for instance.

Women accuse ICE contractor of brutal treatment SFChronicle (MichaelSF)

Why Women Choose Abortion Over Adoption Atlantic (UserFriendly)


Joe Biden’s campaign pitch: Make America Normal Again Los Angeles Times. Resilc: “As delusional as MAGA.”

Joe Biden, Warmonger American Conservative

Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders Subjects of 2020 Campaign Hit Pieces Rolling Stone (resilc)

Health Care

Medicare-for-all: Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s new bill, explained Vox (Kevin W)

Dems in Disarray

One Little Video Shows How Democrats Are Trying and Failing to Control Restive Progressives Ghion Journal (Chuck L)

The Blue Dog Model Is Dead Washington Monthly

Vulnerable Democrats split as impeachment pressure mounts Politico. Resilc: “The DNC is a jobs program, like the DoD.”

Rahm Emanuel’s Deficit of Self-Awareness New Republic

Chicago’s New Mayor to End Water Shutoffs Real News Network

Fake News

Finland is winning the war on fake news. Other nations want the blueprint CNN. Resilc: “Although I’m forced to watch CNN when I work out and it’s almost as bad as Fox.”

Credder Plans To Accelerate Media Shift From Clicks To Credibility Shadowproof (UserFriendly)

“The Times Has Become a Book-Deal Factory”: With a Flood of Star Reporters Thinking of Book Leave, Management Delivers a “Wrist Slap” Vanity Fair (furzy)

When, if Ever, Is It Unethical to Visit a Country? New York Times (Chuck L)

Consumer Reports blasts Tesla Navigate on Autopilot as ‘less competent’ than humans CNET (David L)

China’s Biggest Airlines Demand Compensation For Boeing 737 Max Groundings Daily Beast (resilc)

Apple Agrees To Notify iPhone Users If iOS Updates Will Affect Performance, UK Watchdog Says CNBC

Vicious Cycle: The Pentagon Creates Tech Giants and Then Buys their Services Counterpunch (resilc)

Class Warfare

In Defense Of Throwing Food On People Current Affairs (UserFriendly). Much kinder and gentler than tarring and feathering!

People Are Finally Fighting Back Against the College Textbook Industry’s ‘Scam’ VICE

Silicon Valley residents who live in RVs will soon be forced to leave Business Insider (resilc)

Total Depravity: The Origins of the Drug Epidemic in Appalachia Laid Bare Longreads (resilc)

Antidote du jour. MGL: “Common spoonbill in the islands’ marshy interior. Photograph: Koos Dansen/Natuurmonumenten.”


And a bonus (guurst):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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