/Links 5/24/19

Links 5/24/19

Yves here. We’ve gone into holiday mode, so you are getting three posts plus Links and Water Cooler today. I had planned to write something but my yesterday got derailed 🙁

Hope those of you in countries with long weekends ahead enjoy the break!

A new artificial photosynthesis breakthrough uses gold to turn CO2 into liquid fuel Business Insider

Another Use for Cannabis Elemental (Glenn F)

Pretty hurts: are chemicals in beauty products making us ill? Guardian (J-LS)


Trump says Huawei could be part of trade deal BBC. Gaslighting.

Trump Wields a More Powerful Weapon Than Tariffs for Trade War Bloomberg


Election Results: How PM Modi Led BJP’s Giant Swoop Across India – 10 Points NDTV

The Guardian view on Narendra Modi’s landslide: bad for India’s soul

It’s Unreasonable to Blame Mamata Banerjee for BJP’s Gains in West Bengal The Wire (J-LS)

U.S. and South Korea Gear Up for Burden-Sharing Talks Atlantic. Resilc: “Does this mean Samsung will be sanctioned?”

Indonesia riots: police draw Islamic-State links to deadly Jakarta protests that killed seven South China Morning Post


A new prime minister intent on no deal Brexit can’t be stopped by MPs Institute for Government (guurst)

This prime minister was destroyed by Brexit. And the next one will be too. Ian Dunt

Hat tip guurst: “And don’t forget to read the comments”:

Brexitannia: The Faces and Voices of Brexit Zero Anthropology (UserFriendly)

European elections 2019: EU citizens turned away from UK polls BBC

New Cold War

Victoria Nuland, US midwife to Maidan-2014, denied visa to Russia RT (Chuck L)


a href=”http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a27568508/trump-pentagon-secrecy-congress-war-powers/” rel=”nofollow”>This Is Pure Authoritarian Audacity Charles Pierce, Esquire (resilc)

Assange Prosecution

The Julian Assange Espionage Act Charges Target Press Freedom Wired (Chuck L)

Prosecutors Attack Journalism In Superseding Indictment Against Assange Shadowproof (UserFriendly)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

US Air Force probes targeted malware attack, blames… er, the US Navy? What? The Register (Chuck L)

An entire US city is being held hostage by cybercriminals who are asking for $100,000 worth of bitcoin Business Insider (David L)

Google shut out Baltimore officials using Gmail after ransomware attack The Verge (David L)

Imperial Collapse Watch

The US military was allegedly duped into buying $20 million in Chinese counterfeits Quartz (resilc)

Trump Transition

Carson seeks to clean up testimony on protections for homeless transgender people The Hill

Ben Carson: Black on the Outside, Trump on the Inside Rolling Stone (resilc)

Lawmakers reach deal on disaster aid, leave out border money Trump demanded, top senator says Washington Post

What and Who Gave Us Trump? Counterpunch (resilc)

The Pathology of John Bolton Consortiumnews (furzy)

Kushner Cos. Gets $800 Million Federally-Backed Apartment Loan Bloomberg (UserFriendly)

Big Tech: “If the USA enforces antitrust laws against us, it means China will win!” BoingBoing

McConnell campaign raises $70K through ‘Cocaine Mitch’ T-shirt sales: report The Hill (UserFriendly)

Green New Deal

Green New Deal: why labor unions are divided over it Vox (UserFriendly)


Obama without Obama-ism: 2020 Democrats embrace the ex-president but not his policies Washington Post. UserFriendly: “About damned time.”

Cory Booker Was Once a Foot Soldier for Betsy DeVos New Republic (resilc)

Bernie Sanders Introduces Plans for Wall Street Speculation Tax CFO. Worth doing, but Pigovian taxes are meant to deter the activity, not raise revenue.

Biden Attacks Mexicans & Mexico In Secret Video ( Live From Tempe Improv) Jimmy Dore (YouTube). UserFriendly: “Not family blog appropriate but seriously, Biden is SO AWFUL.”

Anti-Trump Republicans Could Help Democrats in 2020 Atlantic (resilc)

Fake News

It’s Getting Way Too Easy to Create Fake Videos of People’s Faces Motherboard (resilc)

Broker Sales Practices to Face Limits Wall Street Journal. A deliberately weak alternative to the fiduciary rule.

Guillotine Watch

Give Me Your Bored, Your Rich, Your Coddled Asses Sardonicky (UserFriendly)

Courting the Ultrarich With Chateaus and Chefs New York Times (J-LS)

Class Warfare

Almost 40% of Americans Would Struggle to Cover a $400 Emergency Bloomberg (resilc)

Why Urbanists Are Arguing About Housing Supply CityLab (UserFriendly)

The Office Rookies Who Ask for the World Wall Street Journal

Sara Nelson: “People Are Ready to Fight” Jacobin (UserFriendly). Head of the flight attendants’ union.

Antidote du jour. Karl M: “Olympic Peninsula chipmunk, enjoying the tasty remains of an apple slice.”


And a bonus (guurst)

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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