/Links 5/26/19

Links 5/26/19

SpaceX just launched 60 satellites for its Starlink Constellation. Internet service providers should be very worried. Universe Today (a Starlink “satellite train”). So much for astronomy?

Why Silicon Valley Loved Uber More Than Everyone Else The Altantic

Sofar Sounds house concerts raises $25M, but bands get just $100 TechCrunch

Samsung deepfake AI could fabricate a video of you from a single profile pic CNET (Furzy Mouse). What could go wrong?

In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc NYT

Mississippi River’s Morganza Spillway Expected to Open For 3rd Time in History Weather Underground

Climate crisis more politically polarizing than abortion for U.S. voters, study finds Grist

Memorial Day

The replies. Thread (DK):

After Multiple Deployments, Coming Home to a Changed Country The American Conservative


US To Send 900 Troops To Middle East To Counter Iran Defense One


Battle to replace Theresa May gets under way FT and Theresa May’s departure will not break Brexit deadlock FT

May was the Daily Mail’s PM. The day after it told her to go, she went Open Democracy

Brexit: wrong person, wrong reasons EU Referendum

European Elections 2019: Tories and Labour brace for Brexit backlash as EU awaits parliamentary poll results Evening Standard

Europe taking the Green route as voters seek action RTE

The European Left in Disarray Jacobin

Modern monetary theory offers insights into the eurozone FT (Furzy Mouse). As long as they spell the name right…


China Commits to Trade Talks Amid ‘Groundless’ Huawei Suspicions Bloomberg

Huawei’s Years-long Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics WSJ

China says U.S. demand on its state-owned enterprises is ‘invasion’ on economic sovereignty Reuters

The conflict to come in the South China Sea Asia Times

‘If I disappear’: Chinese students make farewell messages amid crackdowns over labor activism WaPo

Exclusive: Behind Grindr’s doomed hookup in China, a data misstep and scramble to make up Reuters

Human Rights Watch Reverse-Engineers Mass Surveillance App Used by Police in Xinjiang EFF

Tech cold war: how Trump’s assault on Huawei is forcing the world to contemplate a digital iron curtain South China Morning Post


Modi’s Message Was Simple: Hindus First Foreign Policy

Why was Congress routed in 3 states it won 6 months ago? Here’s what party leaders are scared to say Scroll.in

How Modi’s schemes were shaped by examples from East Asia Economic Times

New Cold War

The West and Russian-Chinese Relations: Stages of Denial Valdai Discussion Club

Russia’s Dirty Oil Crisis Is Worse Than Almost Anyone Predicted Bloomberg. Hmm.


Some federal prosecutors disagreed with decision to charge Assange under Espionage Act WaPo

Marty Baron on Assange:

Depends on whose ox is gored, I guess…


American Hustle Foreign Affairs. A reasonably balanced article (not paywalled), and note well the source. Well worth a read.

Five takeaways from Barr’s new powers in ‘spying’ probe The Hill

Trump Transition

Nancy Pelosi Plans To Go Easy On Big Pharma HuffPo. Ka-ching.

How secure is the intelligence community’s IT supply chain? FifthDomain

Democracy and Its Discontents Adam Tooze, NYRB


“Everything Old Can Be New Again”: Inside the G.O.P. Operation to Take Down Joe Biden Vanity Fair

Sanders refuses to apologize for opposing war with Iran The Hill

Dems institute rule to prevent ‘undercard’ debate in June Politico

Health Care

As Suicides Rise, Insurers Find Ways to Deny Mental Health Coverage Bloomberg

‘Medicare for All’ backers find biggest foe in their own backyard Politico. Very important; insurance companies are not the only problem; hosptials are, too.


My school’s lockdown drills, active shooter training are security theater. Yours are, too. USA Today

Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing 737 MAX Crash Reveals A Severe Problem With Older Boeing 737 NGs Moon of Alabama

Class Warfare

Millions of senior citizens can’t afford food — and they’re not all living in poverty MarketWatch

The richest 10% of households now represent 70% of all U.S. wealth MarketWatch

Labor Unions and White Racial Politics (PDF) Paul Frymer, Jacob M. Grumbach. From the abstract: “Cross-sectional analyses consistently show that white union members have lower racial resentment and greater support for policies that benefit African Americans. More importantly, our panel analysis suggests that gaining union membership between 2012 and 2016 reduced racial resentment among white workers. The findings highlight the important role of labor unions in mass politics, and, more broadly, the importance of organizational membership for political attitudes and behavior.” Maybe this will finally change liberal Democrats’ attitude toward unions…

Slow Thought: a manifesto Aeon

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