/Links 6/10/19

Links 6/10/19

Seagull captured stealing lobster roll; ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’ WCVB (EJ).

One Company Is Making Money From News and It Rhymes With ‘Shmoogle’ New York Magazine

New York Times Reporters Perpetuate Popular Corporate Governance Myths Francine McKenna, Medium

A Swedish Court Injects Some Sense Craig Murray. Assange.

Adversarial interoperability: reviving an elegant weapon from a more civilized age to slay today’s monopolies Boing Boing

After Amazon-Led Tax Rebellion, Seattle’s Homeless Aid Stalls Bloomberg


Brexit: Jeremy Hunt claims Angela Merkel said EU ‘willing to negotiate’ with new PM Mirror. Groundhog Day.

Betting the farm: UK landowners prepare for Brexit FT

Government warned of another Grenfell-type disaster as 60,000 people still living in buildings covered in same flammable material Independent and right on cue Barking fire: residents claim safety fears about flats were downplayed Guardian

The disastrous roll-out of the UK’s digital welfare system is harming those most in need EuroNews


Iran gears up for high-stakes diplomacy amid tension with U.S. AP

Staff Officers Hope for War With Iran to End Bronze Star Drought. Duffel Blog


Angelina Jolie urges international support for Venezuelan children Reuters

Exclusive: Brazil’s Top Prosecutors Who Indicted Lula Schemed in Secret Messages to Prevent His Party From Winning 2018 Election The Intercept


India’s Election: Ghosts in the Machine? The Diplomat

Narendra Modi and rain god not going well together, India stares at another drought India Today (J-LS).

Maharashtra Farmers to Protest Ban on GM Crops, Plant Bt Cotton and Brinjal The WIre (J-LS).

India to buy US missile system to shield Delhi Times of India (J-LS).

Pakistan Grapples With Unprecedented HIV Infections in Children WSJ. “‘We cannot say for sure what caused it,’ said Maryam Yunus, a WHO spokeswoman in Pakistan.”


Violence mars end of huge Hong Kong protest against China extradition Agence France Presse. “Small pockets of demonstrators” in the lead, and making headlines. The same reporter’s Twitter thread is better:

The mainland press:

* * *

The End of the World As We Know It Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate

What to Do About China? Brad DeLong, Project Syndicate

China’s ‘Black Week-end’ NYRB

Chinese tech hub Shenzhen becomes key trade war battleground as US strikes at Huawei, its ‘dragon’s head’ South China Morning Post

China’s New Trade War Defense Is a Stock Market for Tech Firms Bloomberg

Oaktree Capital sees gold in distressed Chinese debt Nikkei Asian Review

Why you should never start a trade war with an autocracy Economist

‘My duty was to stand and be counted’: Why I leaked to the ABC Sydney Morning Herald

Dutton defends penalties for journalists Canberra Times

Looks like PM Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 because of fraud and theft Kangaroo Court of Australia

New Cold War

The Real Russian Menace Is Just Hypercapitalism Truthdig

Trump team is adopting a pipeline plan to wean Europe off Russian fuel McClatchy


Exposé in “The Hill” challenges Mueller, media Matt Taibbi. Taibbi: “Claim that would-be key Russiagate figure Konstantin Kilimnik is a longtime American informant might be a game-changing story – in a country with a real press corps.” Solomon’s story on Kilimnik’s role as an intelligence source for the State Department came out on June 6. The Times, on June 7, mentions Kilminik, but not the substance of Solomon’s story.

How to Get Screwed LRB. “The Mueller report has nothing to say about [Carter] Page’s trip to Cambridge, because accusations of dirty ops against Trump staffers are not part of its remit. (That investigation is still to come, god help us.)” Indeed.

Trump Transition

How the CIA is Working to Ethically Deploy Artificial Intelligence Defense One

Postal regulator urges ‘greater mission clarity’ for USPS in upcoming business plan Federal News Network

NRA money flowed to board members amid allegedly lavish spending by top officials and vendors WaPo. I’m shocked.

Special report: Profiting from prison Axios

Boeing 737 MAX

American Airlines delays return of Boeing 737 Max FT

How Boeing’s Bean-Counters Courted the 737 MAX Disaster Daily Beast. Not bean-counters. Management! The article is much better than the headline.

Bjorn’s Corner: Why Electric Cars work and Airliners don’t Leeham News

Guillotine Watch

NASA Says You Can Visit the Space Station for $50 Million a Trip Bloomberg. The next Everest, no doubt with space junk, frozen sh*t, and frozen corpses.

How ballerinas defy the corporeal in a quest for the ethereal Aeon. Pointe work.

Coffee is the secret of health and happiness FT. Damn straight!

Anthony Bourdain Knew There Was Nothing More Political Than Food The Nation

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