/Links 6/11/19

Links 6/11/19

Yves apologizes for the lack of original posts: She’s not only swamped by moving and travel preparations, she’s working on a CalPERS story. –lambert

Some Ohio farmers won’t plant crops at all because of rain AgPro

Paralysis on America’s Rivers: There’s Too Much Water NYT

NOAA forecasts very large ‘dead zone’ for Gulf of Mexico NOAA

‘Peak pig’ in Iowa leads to a ‘staggering’ amount of sh*t in the state Little Village (Late Introvert),

PG&E proactively cuts power because of weather KTVU

Twice as many plants have gone extinct than birds, mammals, and amphibians combined Science

Recession or not, there will be pain Eileen Applebaum, Economic Policy Institute. Coping with corporate bonds.


EU to warn business not to expect help over a no-deal Brexit FT

Ten Tories Vie to Be the Next U.K. Leader Bloomberg

Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to be the UK’s next prime minister, explained Vox

‘Reckless’ Johnson leaves Europe unimpressed FT


Donald Trump’s G20 meeting with Xi Jinping in Osaka could again be a formal dinner, source says South China Morning Post

Trump says further China tariffs will kick in on Xi G20 no-show FT

Chinese Exporters Dodge Tariffs With Fake Made-in-Vietnam Labels Bloomberg

Hundreds of thousands are protesting an extradition bill in Hong Kong. Here’s why USA Today

Hong Kong leader defiant as city gears up for fresh protests over extradition bill Reuters

North Korea

Just why is the North Korean status quo so persistent? The Interpreter

How South Korea Became the World’s Podcasting Capital OZY


PATRICK LAWRENCE: Regrouping the Nuclear Dealmakers Consortium News

Sanctions Are Collective Punishment, and We Should Reject Them The American Conservative


John Dean’s compelling case for parallels between Trump and Watergate WaPo

Full text: Watergate’s John Dean gives statement on potential Trump obstruction Politico


Justice gives Congress new details on ‘spying’ probe The Hill

House Democrats make deal to see Mueller files on Trump AP

Trump Transition

Mike Pompeo Threatens To Intervene In British Democracy To Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister Medium. Sounds like election meddling.

Daughter of ‘tiger mom’ Chua picked as Kavanaugh law clerk AP. “Shortly after the nomination, Chua penned a Wall Street Journal essay extolling Kavanaugh ‘as a mentor for young lawyers, particularly women.’” You scratch my back….

For Central Americans, Fleeing to Europe May Beat Trying to Reach U.S. NYT

Democrats in Disarray

Koch brothers float possibility of backing congressional Democrats in 2020 primaries Open Secrets

NC’s Voting System ‘Master Passwords’ Found Online, Available to Download by Anyone: ‘BradCast’ 6/10/2019 BradBlog. Holy moley!

Newly Discovered Files Suggest GOP Lawmakers Lied in Court About Racial Gerrymandering to Stop An Election Slate. North Carolina is a busy state.

Health Care

Healthcare consolidation goes beyond usual players Modern Healthcare

The U.S. health care system is full of monopolies Axios

U.S. measles outbreak spreads to Idaho and Virginia, hits 1,022 cases Reuters

Smash the Wellness Industry NYT. Which ObamaCare subsidizes.

Our Famously Free Press

The end of political cartoons at The New York Times Chappatte

Micropayments-for-news pioneer Blendle is pivoting from micropayments Nieman Labs

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Ta-Nehisi Coates Revisits the Case for Reparations The New Yorker. Where’s the legislation?

How Cars Transformed Policing Boston Review

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

To board a plane without a ticket, just give up your face — and your privacy Seattle Times. A “convenience trap.”

Guillotine Watch

Catholic Church spent $10.6 million to lobby against legislation that would benefit victims of child sex abuse CBS

Graduation gone bad: Salutatorians rip their Detroit charter school Detroit Free Press. Somebody give those kids free tuition to a good school!

Class Warfare

As Walmart turns to robots, it’s the human workers who feel like machines WaPo. Workers training their replacements, as usual.

Underpaid Adjunct Professors Sleep in Cars and Rely on Public Aid Truthout

9-year-old boy pays off entire school lunch debt for his class after saving his allowance The Hill. We train kids early on going into debt, don’t we?

Google Tricks: How to Supercharge Your Searches and Become an Instant Power User Washington’s Blog. Of course, if Google hasn’t indexed a site, these tricks won’t help.

Do Brains Operate at a Tipping Point? New Clues and Complications Quanta

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