/Links 6/12/19

Links 6/12/19

Mass anomaly detected under the moon’s largest crater Phys.org. It’s the aliens’ stranded interstellar vessel. Because Everything Is Like CalPERS, they’ve have been looking for it here on Earth; that’s why all the UFOs. Hopefully, they read Links and will redirect their search.

Still snarling after 40,000 years, a giant Pleistocene wolf discovered in Yakutia Siberian Times

US regulators ill prepared for next downturn FT

How to spot a recession The Economist, The Sahm Recession Indicator.

Bond Markets Are ‘Almost Taunting the Fed’ With Global Rate-Cut Bets Bloomberg

Climate Change Poses Major Risks to Financial Markets, Regulator Warns NYT

Global Emissions Rose the Most in 7 Years, BP Review Shows Bloomberg

Photos: Severe flooding prompts states of emergency, leaves 3 dead in North Carolina AccuWeather

USDA Slashes Corn Yield Estimates, Leaves Soybeans Unchanged AgPro

Renewable Energy Costs Take Another Tumble, Making Fossil Fuels Look More Expensive Than Ever Forbes

U.S. Agriculture and Forestry Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2013 (PDF) USDA. Handy chart,


Hong Kong protesters begin night vigil as extradition anger mounts Agence France Presse

Hong Kong protesters block access to government headquarters Al Jazeera

Occupy II:


Democracy in Hong Kong Council on Foreign Relations. Chinese media is blaming the US for the Hong Kong demonstrations. We’re not that good.

* * *

Forget the trade war — a bigger conflict between the US and China is playing out right under our noses Business Insider. The “One China” policy.

From rare earths to soy, the trade war will force the US and China to diversify supply South China Morning Post

Apple’s US iPhones Can All Be Made Outside of China Industry Week

Paper tiger Mekong Review. On the South China Morning Post

How China’s government should help its backward regions Economist


May’s Brexit deal ‘will not be renegotiated’, says Juncker FT

Macron says he would back Merkel if she runs for EU leadership Reuters

Europe’s banking watchdog warns on wave of dirty money FT

The Conspiracy to Discredit Brazil’s Left The New Republic


Trump’s Iran Crackdown Isn’t Enough to Stop Hezbollah Foreign Policy

Uganda confirms first Ebola case outside outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo Stat

Boeing 737 MAX

Stabilizing 737 production is Boeing’s priority, CFO says Leeham News and Analysis

Trump Transition

State AGs sue to block T-Mobile-Sprint merger Politico

Anger at Big Tech Unites Noodle Pullers and Code Writers. Washington Is All Ears. NYT

News publishers seize moment as Congress amps up tech scrutiny Politico

Buried, altered, silenced: 4 ways government climate information has changed since Trump took office The Conversation

Jury can’t decide on charges against Arizona border activist AP

In El Paso, Border Patrol Is Detaining Migrants in ‘a Human Dog Pound’ Texas Monthly

Is CBO Forecasting Good Enough for Government Work? NEJM. Requires login, but worth it for health care policy mavens.

Our Famously Free Press

Google Just Killed One Of Crypto’s Biggest News Sites Safe Haven

Journalist Says Twitter Suspended Him for Displaying Book About Far-Right Daily Beast. David Neiwert. Shockingly bad. Grossly incompetent.

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Photos Of Travelers Coming In And Out Of The US Have Been Hacked And Stolen Buzzfeed

Obtained Records Show ICE Is Using ALPR Databases To Reconstruct Targets’ Lives TechCrunch. ALPR: Automatic License Plate Recognition.

Amazon’s facial recognition boss wants the feds to hurry up with regulation Recode

Guillotine Watch

Jeff Bezos, Drew Houston, and a group of other tech execs traveled to a remote Italian village to meet with the fashion designer Silicon Valley is obsessed with (and whose sweaters can cost $3,000) Business Insider

Class Warfare

16,000 people in L.A. now live in cars, vans and RVs. But safe parking remains elusive Los Angeles Times

Racism as a Public Health Crisis Inequality.org

Stop Polluting Our Green New Deal Jacobin

What Will the Farms of the Future Look Like? Grassroots Economic Organizing

The Day the Music Burned MSN

Antidote du Jour (E. Mayer):

E. Mayer’s sister writes: “Someone just posted these photos on Nextdoor from San Rafael. It was so hot out today that a raccoon was lounging on their porch in the heat like this… Too funny.” E. Mayer responds: “What I can’t figure is, wouldn’t it be cooler in a shady spot under a bush or in a burrow? All that little guy needs is a raccoon-sized drink with a little paper umbrella in it. :)”

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