/Links 6/16/19

Links 6/16/19

Chief of Naval Operations lauds return to tradition of ‘false flag’ operations Duffelblog

Target’s computer systems reportedly went down nationally, prompting long lines and confusion MarketWatch

‘Software engineering’ was a joke until the mission to the Moon made it the future Fast Company

Hackers behind the world’s deadliest code are probing US power firms MIT Technology Review

How to Plan a “Support for the Cuban People” Trip Conde Nast Traveler

From Cuba to Greeneland: Graham Greene’s long relationship with the island republic New Statesman

Scots running amok Aeon. Wonder what my great grandfather Gow – born in Bearsden – would have to say about this. Robert Fortune’s story is fascinating – read Sarah Rose’s For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Changed History for the full scoop. Industrial (or in this case, more accurately, horticultural ) espionage isn’t a new phonomenon.

Washington state waterfront owners asked to take dead whales AP


WATCH: Glenn Greenwald Explains the Political Earthquake in Brazil Caused by Our Ongoing Exposés The Intercept

Lula Is Innocent. Free Him Now. Jacobin


Double Whammy: A no-deal Brexit and Northern Ireland RTE (Donn) Hoisted from comments.

Dominic Raab warns Conservatives will be ‘toast’ in next election if it fails to secure Brexit by October 31st Independent

All over the country ethnic minorities are victims of more violence than ever – and it’s all because of Brexit Independent Patrick Cockburn

Brexit: no-deal, big deal EUReferendum.com


Too little, too late for US ‘recommitment’ to Mekong countries? China’s already there SCMP

Protests in Hong Kong Unlikely to Yield Results Der Spiegel

China is courting trouble in Hong Kong Nikkei Asian Review

Leaderless and livid: The youngsters on Hong Kong front lines AFP

Tens of thousands dressed in black rally to demand Hong Kong leader steps down Reuters

Julian Assange

John Pilger: The Global War on Assange, Journalism & Dissent Consortium News

‘The Changes Are Really Accelerating’: Alaska at Record Warm While Greenland Sees Major Ice Melt Common Dreams

Soaring temperatures will raise the risk of armed conflict MIT Technology Review

Weather forecasting in times of extreme weather events Economic Times

Global heating to inflict more droughts on Africa as well as floods Guardian

Western rangelands threatened by intensifying wildfires Grist


India swelters as record temperatures becomes ‘new normal’ FT

The Notion That Doctors Are Infallible Needs to Be Broken The Wire

Indian telecoms now eyeing Samsung for 5G Asia Times

Life after demonetisation: How India’s poor are paying the price Al Jazeera


UN calls for independent inquiry after Donald Trump blames Iran for oil tanker attack Scroll

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince MBS blames Iran for tanker attacks Al Jazeera

Trump’s consistent criticism of Iran pushes U.S. to point of potential conflict WaPo

Class Warfare

UK Government Blew Billions on “Help to Buy” Scheme that Enriched Home Builders and Drove Up Home Prices. Taxpayers on the Hook When Prices Sink, New Report Warns Wolf Street (EM)

People Experiencing Hardship Should Be Allowed to Use Technology Without Your Judgmental Bullshit Gizmodo

New York City Allocates $250,000 for Abortions, Challenging Conservative States NYT


Kamala Harris would lean on presidential power, not Congress, for big plans San Fran Chronicle

Trump campaign zeroes in on a new threat: Elizabeth Warren Politico

Booker, O’Rourke, Buttigieg rally with striking McDonald’s workers in South Carolina The Hill

Bernie Sanders Delivered the Most Profound Speech Since We Lost MLK Common Dreams. In case you missed earlier links about his speech.

Amazon News: What Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders Said About The Retail Giant On Taxes And Its New Credit Card International Business Times

Should We Take These Early General Election Polls Seriously? $#!% No! FiveThirtyEight

New Cold War

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid NYT

Russia Expert’s 2017 Prophecy About The Nuclear Threat Of Russiagate Is Coming True Caitlin Johnstone

Trump accuses The New York Times of ‘a virtual act of Treason’ for publishing a story saying the US is ramping up cyberattacks on Russia Business Insider

Election security bills face GOP buzzsaw The Hill

Antidote du Jour. LR: “We had a pair of wild turkeys mating in our field”:


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