/Links 6/19/19

Links 6/19/19

Scientists shocked by Arctic permafrost thawing 70 years sooner than predicted Guardian (David L)

Boaty McBoatface, Internet-Adored Sub, Makes Deep-Sea Discovery On Climate Change NPR (David L)

Is Big Oil’s Plastic Bet Going Sour? OilPrice

Engineers Boost Output of Solar Desalination System By 50 Percent PhyOrg

Ireland To Ban New Petrol, Diesel Vehicles By 2030 BBC

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane Atlantic (PlutoniumKun)


From Dan K:

Sir Ivan Rogers June Speech, courtesy EU Referendum. I should say something about this, but the short version is Sir Ivan, who has pointedly avoided assigning crash out odds, now deems a no-deal to be “a probability.”

Tory leadership race: Rivals in BBC debate clash over Brexit deadline BBC

The Guatemalan Election as an Act of Organized Crime New York Times. Resilc: “This should stem the flow Norte.”


Exclusive: Overruling his experts, Pompeo keeps Saudis off U.S. child soldiers list Reuters (resilc)

This chart shows every person killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict since 2000 Vox (UserFriendly)

Trump Transition

Senators reach $4.5B deal on Trump’s emergency border request The Hill

Trump Drives Down Price Of F-35 Fighter 25% From Obama Level Forbes. UserFriendly: “ROFL, still a boondoogle.”

Shanahan drama shocks Capitol Hill, leaving Pentagon rudderless The Hill. They say it like it’s a bad thing!

Health Care

Single-Payer Health Care Will Increase Fraud, Corruption RealClearPolitics. UserFriendly: “Compared to the status quo? Impossible.”

Democrats in Disarray

McConnell Redefines “Socialism” to Include the Entire Democratic Party Vanity Fair (resilc)

The Sunrise Movement Actually Changed the Democratic Conversation. So What Do You Do For a Sequel? Politico. UserFriendly:

Since I missed this convo the other day and this article mentions it;p ‘Woke’ dates back to the early aughts and is essentially the liberal version of ‘red pill’ it originally was along the lines of seeing systems of oppression for the first time, like you just woke up. Not exclusively ID pol oppression but definitely including it.

This article is smooth. I bet most of the people under 40 that read it won’t even realize the “let’s paint them all as dirty hippies” objective.


Donald Trump Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign in Orlando Rolling Stone (UserFriendly)

About that Florida poll that shows Biden crushing Trump … CNN (furzy)

Youngstown’s black working-class voters are full of economic anxiety, and not for Trump. Slate (UserFriendly)

Joe Biden Says He’s Ready To Handle The World. He Got Iraq Wrong Three Times. HuffPost

Biden Tells Elite Donors He Doesn’t Want to `Demonize’ the Rich Bloomberg. UserFriendly: “Biden 2020; No Hope, No Change.”

Bernie Sanders Supports Video Game Workers Unions VentureBeat

The Trailer: Revolution versus revolution Washington Post. UserFriendly: “Important.”

Biden takes shot at Bernie Sanders: Go start a ‘real, physical revolution if you are talking about it’ Washington Examiner (UserFriendly)

New York to Approve One of the World’s Most Ambitious Climate Plans New York Times

Our Famously Free Press

The Decline of American Journalism Is an Antitrust Problem ProMarket (Louis P)


Bret Stephens, Warmonger American Conservative. Resilc: “NY Times as stupid as always, they didn’t learn from Judith Miller.”

Why the Paper of Record Hates Cartoons Nation (furzy)

Ralph Nader On His Crusading Career Current Affairs (UserFriendly)

Economic Lessons from Everest Project Syndicate

Opioid Producers Face Bankruptcy As Federal Crackdown Accelerates SafeHaven

FOX U.S. Open Coverage Takes Time Out To Glorify How Fucked Up Carmel Is Deadspin

Day of Reckoning for KPMG-Failures in Ethics FCPA Compliance Report (Chuck L). Wowsers. The article is full of stuff like this:

In addition to taking these mandatory CPE hours, the professionals are required to pass a proficiency examination, administered by KPMG. KPMG also provides internal training to help its professional prepare for this examination. Professionals get three chances to pass. If they fail three times, they are reported internally, cannot sign off on audit assignment and may receive a dock in pay.

However it turns out that KMPG employees, from senior partners including lead audit engagement partners who were responsible for compliance with PCAOB standards in auditing their clients’ financial statements, down to junior level employees were sharing the examination answers freely between themselves. They shared this information via email and even sent screen shots of pages with correct answers.

The KPMG cheating scandal was much more widespread than originally thought Francine McKenna, MarketWatch

California wildfires: Power company agrees to pay $1bn for damage BBC

Big Tech is America’s new ‘railroad problem’ Financial Times (David L)

Boeing Says It’s Open to Name Change for Grounded 737 Max Bloomberg. Lambert: “[puts head in hands]”.

Facebook wants to create a worldwide digital currency Economist (David L)

Private-Equity Firms Are Raising Bigger and Bigger Funds. They Often Don’t Deliver. Wall Street Journal

Class Warfare

Even Teach For America Can’t Escape the Grip of the For-Profit Charter School Industry—and Walmart Esquire (resilc). Since Teach For America = scabs, why is anyone surprised?

The unforeseen trouble AI is now causing Next Web (David L)

Bay Area homeless students ask community, officials to stop stigmatizing them Mercury News (Dan K). A few days old, still germane.

America has never gone this long without hiking the federal minimum wage Washington Post (resilc)

Antidote du jour (DL):


And a bonus from Aleric:

10 little ducklings. Photo taken today by me at a office park drainage pond in Roseville, Minnesota.

Democratic Party

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