/Links 6/21/19

Links 6/21/19

Hawaii governor gives go ahead to build giant telescope on sacred Native volcano The Hill (DL).

The Microbiologists’ Warning Nature Microbiology

One Small Colorado Town Ran Out Of Water. How Did It Happen? KUNC

What is a ‘climate refugee’ and how many are there? Grist

Easy Does It Across Global Central Banks in 2019’s Busiest Week Bloomberg

Driverless Cars May Be Coming, but Let’s Not Get Carried Away NYT. Just as soon as we get the quantum computers up and running…

Survey: Autopilot name causes people to overestimate Tesla capabilities Ars Technica

Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are Fake—and Google Profits WSJ


Spoiler alert, a scoop:

Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back NYT. “Planes were in the air and ships were in position, but no missiles had been fired when word came to stand down, the [senior administraiton] official said.” Probably couldn’t cope going through the “Donald Trump became President” coverage a second time.

And the the build-up to the (anti-?)climax:

Trump calls Iranian shootdown of Navy drone a ‘fly in the ointment.’ Say what? Los Angeles Times

FAA prohibits operators from flying over some Iran-controlled airspace Reuters

Yes, Iran shot down a U.S. drone. Here’s why you (still) don’t need to worry. Monkey Cage, WaPo

The Drone Iran Shot Down Was a $220M Surveillance Monster Wired

If we’re headed for regime change in Iran, get ready for a military draft. We’ll need one. USA Today (!).

As tensions with Iran escalate, the Pentagon says little to the news media WaPo

Bolton Argues War With Iran Only Way To Avenge Americans Killed In Upcoming War With Iran The Onion

Democrats Who Think the United States Can Reenter the Iran Deal Are Fooling Themselves Foreign Policy

* * *

The two-state solution is dead. Let us take the obvious and humane path forward Mike Gravel, Mondoweiss


How the Brexit debate was flushed down the drain FT

Jeremy Hunt narrowly finishes second, as Boris Johnson storms to victory in final ballot The New Statesman. One more round to go.

EU leaders fail to agree on new leadership slate during summit FT. “Fractious.”


Hong Kong Students Resume Protests, Snarling Downtown Traffic Bloomberg

Measuring the masses Reuters

US or China? Why Washington might not like Southeast Asian nations’ response South China Morning Post

Addressing America’s Operational Shortfall in the Pacific War on the Rocks


Indian cities are running out of water World Economic Forum (DL). Not just Chennai….

Trump Transition

I’m a Jewish historian. Yes, we should call border detention centers “concentration camps.” Vox. Yves: “I suspect the border camps are worse than the internment centers for the Japanese in WWII but I haven’t dug to be sure.”

How cut-rate SoBe hostel launched Jerry Falwell Jr. ‘pool boy’ saga, naked picture hunt McClatchy. Pass the popcorn.


Festival of Sanders:

Bernie Sanders ‘doesn’t have a clue’ — Leon Cooperman says a lurch left in 2020 could hurt stocks CNBC. A billionaire investor.

The Ruling Class Will Not Tolerate the Sanders-Led Assault on Austerity Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report (nippersmom).

Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism Speech Was a Landmark Jacobin

Bernie Sanders’ Vision of Democratic Socialism Makes Both Sides Nervous The Real News Network

‘This is a change election’: Amazon-backed Seattle Chamber endorses City Council candidates Seattle Times


Via Richard Smith, from Nicholas Shaxson of Treasure Islands fame, a thread:

Nouriel Roubini Says Facebook’s GlobalCoin Has ‘Nothing to Do With Crypto’ CoinDesk

Facebook usage falling after privacy scandals, data suggests Guardian

Boeing 737 MAX

Fight for Survival on Doomed Jet Came Down to Two Cockpit Wheels Bloomberg

Imperial Collapse Watch

This is a real slide from an Air Force brief on the real threat of incels Task and Purpose

Shocking revelation in Navy SEAL war crimes trial: Witness says he is the real killer MPR News (CL).

Class Warfare

Walmart got a $2.2 billion tax cut. Now it’s laying off workers Salon

Households face £172m bill from failed energy suppliers FT

The American Room Medium. From 2014, still germane.

Understanding Microsleep — When Our Minds Are Both Asleep and Awake Discover. One good reason for two pilots on board.

The Sameness of Cass Sunstein TNR. Good clean fun.

Around the world, people likelier to return wallets with more cash Agence France Presse

Antidote du jour (via):

Federal Aviation Administration

And an anti-antidote:

The land of Oz!

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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