/Links 6/24/19

Links 6/24/19

Ground Zero Photographs (September-October 2001) Flickr (DG). Original (in Italian). DG: “It certainly looks as though they come from someone with complete access to the site. But no one seems to know who that person is.”

How to Invest and Profit in the Next Recession Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg. Speaking of reflexivity…

America’s Finest Economists Have Been Needlessly Undermining Growth, Study Confirms New York Magazine

Household Debt Service Levels Are at Historically Low Levels Dean Baker, CEPR

Air quality committee rejects ban on toxic acid used in South Bay refineries Los Angeles Times

The Dangerous Methane Mystery Counterpunch


Molecules of Freedom and A Low Carbon Enlightenment Tehran Times. Today’s must-reads (in conjunction with this cross-post).

Iran: what are the options for Washington? FT

The Hard Part: Getting Iran and the U.S. to Talk to Each Other Bloomberg. Given that Trump tore up the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, where to begin?

Trump Has A $259 Million Reason To Bomb Iran LobeLog. Only if Trump has never reneged on a deal.

Iranian bootleg DVD seller stocks up for huge influx of buyers Duffel Blog

Istanbul loss marks tectonic shift for Turkey FT

Ethiopia army chief shot dead by own bodyguard in failed coup Sky News


Plot to make Johnson PM for just one day The Australian (reprinting the Times).

The Grotesque Horror Show of the Tory Leadership Race Jacobin

Class war anarchists descend on Boris and Carrie’s flat as it emerges she’s ‘too afraid to return’ after anti-Brexit neighbours called police on them and handed row recording to newspaper Daily Mail

Network Rail bosses told to fly to meetings because trains too expensive, internal policy reveals iNews. Milton, Maggie: Take a bow!

Our Famously Free Press

“First-generation fact-checking” is no longer good enough. Here’s what comes next Neiman Labs (Furzy Mouse).

Why we should be wary of expanding powers of the Australian Signals Directorate The Conversation. More Five Eyes oddness.

Outrageous raids on journalists in Australia and elsewhere threaten press freedom Expose Facts. Ditto.


Thousands of Protesters Swarm Hong Kong Police Headquarters The American Conservative

Hong Kong citizens in rush to leave, migration agents report FT

Hong Kong protests: How tensions have spread to US BBC

In Hong Kong, the Freedom to Publish Is Under Attack Foreign Policy

* * *
President Donald Trump considers move to require 5G equipment for US sale to be made outside China, report claims South China Morning Post

The Key Quotes of Putin’s Annual Question and Answer Session Moscow Times

Putin’s ‘Direct Line’ Underscored Yawning Gulf between Kremlin and the Population, Analysts Say Window on Eurasia

Trump Transition

Presidential Wars Are Illegal Wars The America Conservative

Why a Government Lawyer Argued Against Giving Immigrant Kids Toothbrushes The Atlantic. “Before Sarah Fabian defended concrete floors and bright lights for President Donald Trump, she defended putting kids in solitary confinement for President Barack Obama.” Lambert here: It’s not that I’m for mistreating children. It’s that between the thuggishness of conservative Republicans and the hysterical bad faith of liberal Democrats I have yet to see a fully worked-out policy outcome from the left that’s supportable (and that includes “open borders,” because I don’t see a good reason to collapse the wages of the United States working class to global levels, which — follow me closely, here — would also hurt children. It’s also perfectly possible to wish to abolish ICE, on the ground that we don’t want the skillset of ICE agents propagating more than it already has, without also advocating “open borders”). Meanwhile, American life expectancy continues to drop, meaning tens of thousands of excess deaths. For the American working class, that is. But that’s a total non-story. What a mess. Sorry.

Facebook Libra

Who’s going to use the big bad Libra? Tech Crunch

Guardians of Money Bristle at Zuckerberg’s New Financial Order Bloomberg

Silicon Valley foundation’s crypto assets plunged, but donations rose in 2018 San Francisco Chronicle

Boeing 737 Max

The inside story of MCAS: How Boeing’s 737 MAX system gained power and lost safeguards Seattle Times

Boeing sued by more than 400 pilots in class action over 737 MAX’s ‘unprecedented cover-up’ ABC Australia

Boeing’s boss wins a reprieve, not redemption The Economist


Republicans move to revolutionize fundraising for 2020 Politico. WinRed, the answer to ActBlue.

Health Care

‘Medicare for All’ vs. ‘Public Option’: The 2020 Field Is Split, Our Survey Shows NYT

National Health Spending Estimates Under Medicare for All RAND Corporation

Neoliberal Epidemics

‘Urgent needs from head to toe’: This clinic had two days to fix a lifetime of needs WaPo. Why don’t they just move?

‘It’s totally unfair’: Chicago, where the rich live 30 years longer than the poor Guardian. Everything’s going according to plan!

List: How to Chair an Academic Committee McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Pay attention, Occupy veterans!

Class Warfare

Who Gets to Own the West? A new group of billionaires is shaking up the landscape. NYT. Note the URL: “wilks-brothers-fracking-business.”

Introducing Amazon Prime Nomad Current Affairs

Photographing the Ruins of Rural America The American Conservative. Not Arnade. Nice view camera.

Indoctrinated by Econ 101 Inside Higher Ed

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