/Links 6/3/19

Links 6/3/19

Luxury cinemas are fighting Netflix with steak tartare, expensive booze, and gourmet popcorn Fast Company

This Tuesday, a US Federal Court May Decide the Fate of the Climate TruthOut

Ralph Nader: American Society Is in Rapid Decay TruthDid

What Can You, the Individual, Do to Fight Air Pollution? The Wire

Marijuana advocates hit unexpected roadblocks The Hill

‘It’s a miracle’: Helsinki’s radical solution to homelessness Guardian

Chess piece bought for £5 then left in drawer turns out to be medieval treasure worth £1m Independent

Hillary Clinton Testing Hollywood Waters With Planned Production Company & Studio Deal Deadline

Waste Watch

Scrap Collector: Malaysia returning 3,300 tons of contaminated plastic scrap Waste Dive

Texas struggles to keep pace as thirst for water intensifies Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Extreme weather has made half of America look like Tornado Alley WaPo

The Economic Cost Of Devastating Hurricanes And Other Extreme Weather Events Is Even Worse Than We Thought International Business Times


The Most Powerful Arab Ruler Isn’t M.B.S. It’s M.B.Z. NYT

Protesters shot as Sudan military tries to clear Khartoum sit-in Al Jazeera

North Korea

Death And Resurrection In North Korea (Updated) Moon of Alabama

North Korean official seen in public days after report he had been executed MarketWatch


Bernie Sanders: I Know Where I Came From. Does President Trump? NYT

Hickenlooper booed at California Democratic Convention for decrying socialism: ‘Read the room’ AlterNet

Warrior-Mayor Pete’s Sanctimonious Chest Thumping American Conservative

If Pete Buttigieg Is the “Opposition” to Trump, We Are Screwed TruthOut

Beto Spoke With Hillary Clinton This Week About the 2020 Campaign Daily Beast

California Democratic race is wide open, and Elizabeth Warren may be in top tier  San Fran Chronicle

With debates on horizon, Democrats sharpen attack lines The Hill. Hmm. Caveat lector.

737 MAX

FAA Warns Some Boeing 737s May Have Faulty Wing Parts NPR

Boeing Faces Doubtful Airline Chiefs in Mission to Restore Faith Bloomberg


In a Blow to Maduro, Russia Withdraws Key Defense Support to Venezuela WSJ

Class Warfare<

It’s Time to Change the Way the Media Covers Crime  Marshall Project

The Populist Paradox Project Syndicate. Simon Johnson.

One Family’s Struggle to Escape Poverty in the UK Der Spiegel

Guillotine Watch

TO INFINITY & BEYOND From ‘young blood’ transfusions to apocalypse insurance – weird ways tech billionaires are trying to live forever The Sun


If China cuts rare earth supplies, what can the US do? Asia Times

Why does Beijing suddenly care about AI ethics? MIT Technology Review

How soybeans became China’s most powerful weapon in Trump’s trade war The Conversation


India heatwave temperatures pass 50 Celsius Phys.org

Why Hindutva’s Dark Fantasy About India’s Muslims Could Become Real The Wire

Backstory: India’s giant Modi wave – why we didn’t see it coming Reuters

India laments loss of preferential access to US market FT

Election win gave Narendra Modi political capital to enforce quick reforms; portfolio choices show presidential style of working First Post

India no longer world’s fastest-growing economy BBC

Julian Assange

Assange won’t face charges over role in devastating CIA leak Politico

Trump Transition

Trump faces giant penis mowed into field near airport where he lands for UK state visit independent

COMB ON OVER Donald Trump sports slick new hairdo before flying to meet the Queen
The Sun

Donald Trump wades into Britain’s ‘interesting’ Brexit crisis Reuters

For the U.S. and China, it’s not a trade war anymore — it’s something worse LA Times

Huawei ban: why Asian countries are shunning Trump’s blacklist despite concerns about China’s influence SCMP

Trump Administration Considered Tariffs on Australia NYT

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