/Links 7/12/19

Links 7/12/19

Taiwanese Leopard Considered Extinct, Spotted For The First Time Since 1983 Disclose.tv (Furzy Mouse). Surely the leopard was spotted the whole time?

The Invasion of Giant Pythons Threatening Florida Smithsonian

Insects feel chronic pain after injury Phys.org

The climate change policy with the most potential is the most neglected Vox

As Fresh Water Grows Scarcer, It Could Become a Good Investment NYT

Iowa Crops Look Like Food — But No One’s Eating Heated

«We want to change the course of history,» says Northern Sea Route operator The Barents Observer


Will Boris Johnson’s bluster over a no-deal Brexit collide with reality? FT. By Betteridge’s Law, no.

Beer, Boris and Brexit (interview) Politico

NHS fees: ‘Couple couldn’t take baby’s body home’ BBC

Contaminated blood inquiry: Twins with HIV ‘treated like lab rats’ BBC (KW).

Amazon in NHS deal to give patients medical tips The Times

How Europe smothered the radical Left Unherd


How U.S. Tech Giants Are Helping to Build China’s Surveillance State The Intercept. Ugly.

Walmart’s Supplier Says Chinese Factories in ‘Desperate’ State Bloomberg

JD.com Billionaire Richard Liu’s Arrest is Forcing China to Have New Conversations Radii

China’s maritime expansion reflects a curious mix of ambition and paranoia The Economist

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US calls off speech by former Hong Kong envoy amid fear of derailing trade talks South China Morning Post. Probably a good thing for the protesters, in terms of optics.

More clashes break out at ‘Lennon Walls’ in HK Asia Times (gallery).

Commentary: The noose on Hong Kong is tightening. Channel News Asia

Hong Kong investors spooked by protests eye London property Evening Standard

Japanese revisionists’ meddling backfires Journal of Critical Asian Studies


Steelmakers Plan for Water Crisis Bloomberg

Room to improve sustainable agricultural practices in India Harvard School of Public Health


Iran Keeps Calm While U.S. And Britain Continue Their Provocations Moon of Alabama

Turkey vows to keep drilling off Cyprus despite EU warnings Agence France Presse

Trump Transition

In killing citizenship question, Trump adopts Census Bureau’s preferred solution to a thorny problem Science

U.S. House of Representatives Creates Requirement That There Be Some Basis for Any Foreign Bases World Beyond War

The Revelations of WikiLeaks: No. 4—The Haunting Case of a Belgian Child Killer and How WikiLeaks Helped Crack It Consortium News (UserFriendly). The Marc Dutroux case presents some interesting parallels to Epstein’s.

Jeffrey Epstein

Deutcshe Bank only cut ties with Jeffrey Epstein a few MONTHS AGO after an extensive relationship, lending him money and providing trading services, despite being warned he was a ‘reputational risk’ because he was such a lucrative client Daily Mail

“A Lot of Friends in Every Industry”: How Did Jeffrey Epstein Charm Hollywood? Vanity Fair (Re Silc).

Charities say they never got the donations Jeffrey Epstein claims he made NBC (Furzy Mouse).

The comeback state of 2019: Kansas economy rebounds from tax-cutting disaster CNBC (Furzy Mouse).

Democrats in Disarray

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests dissolving Department Homeland Security CBS.

Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats have become ‘party of hemming and hawing’ The Hill. Where’s the lie?

Drugmakers braced for opioid crisis reckoning FT

She could have gone to prison. Here’s the path she took instead. Bangor Daily News

Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing 737 programme head retires as Max stays grounded FT. Totally routine, move along, move along, there’s no story here.

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

It turns out that Juggalo makeup blocks facial recognition technology Consequences of Sound. Collective action problem, though.

Imperial Collapse Watch

A Majority of Military Veterans Think the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Were a Mistake Mother Jones

Annual Polling Confirms Sustained Public Confidence in U.S. Intelligence Lawfare

Good New Idea LRB. UBI.

Class Warfare

The world’s super wealthy just collectively lost $US2 trillion – and Trump’s trade war is to blame Business Insider (KW). Just let me grab my violin, here… Damn. It’s so small I can’t find it!

What is it and why do we need one? Asia Floor Wage. Any Open Borders advocate should also support this. Otherwise, they’re supporting labor arbitrage.

Many College Students Are Too Poor to Eat The Atlantic

Debt Relief and Slow Recovery: A Decade after Lehman NBER. “Regional variation in the extent and speed of recovery is strongly related to frictions affecting the pass-through of lower interest rates and debt relief to households including mortgage contract rigidity, refinancing constraints, and the organizational capacity of intermediaries to conduct loan renegotiations.”

Finding the Future in Radical Rural America Matt Stoller, Boston Review. “The problem is not capitalism; it is our markets. Markets that Obama screwed up.”

Antidote du jour (EM):


EM writes: “My nephew Leo’s beloved cat Rufus died a couple months ago of old age, Leo really misses him and is clearly on the lookout for another kitteh to shower with love. This was from a recent hike with his brother and their Mom (my sister) on a European visit – first pic is “Mom, can we take him home?”, second is a close-up of the handsome (but clearly locally owned and operated) furry fellow.

Boston Review

Bonus antidote:

Tell me it’s not a great country!

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