/Links 7/13/19

Links 7/13/19

A New Study Uses Camera Footage To Track the Frequency of Bystander Intervention CityLab

A Feud Between Japan and South Korea Is Threatening Global Supplies of Memory Chips CNN

Carbon Nanotube Device Channels Heat Into Light PhysOrg

A Massive Hunk Of Ice Will Reshape The World’s Coastlines Sooner Than We Thought Forbes (David L)

Streaming Online Pornography Produces as Much CO2 as Belgium New Scientist

Explainer: What is post-quantum cryptography? PhysOrg

B vitamin content of rice declines with rising CO2 Harvard Magazine (furzy)

Billions of Air Pollution Particles Found in Hearts of City Dwellers Guardian

The trouble with fruit juice Mayo Clinic (Chuck L)

Blossom’s Fake Video Exposed by food scientist | How To Cook That Ann Reardon YouTube. UserFriendly:

Even if people haven’t seen the original video this is debunking it’s still worth the watch. Specifically it elucidates the problem with trying to define what is ‘natural’ rather well. But then towards the end it gets into a criticism of YouTube’s algorithm.

Savage tick-clone armies are sucking cows to death; experts fear for humans ars technica (Chuck L)


Laid-Off Expat Bankers Struggle to Find Jobs in Hong Kong Bloomberg. UserFriendly: “Let me get my violin.”

Negative-Yielding Junk Bonds Have Arrived in Europe Wolf Street

‘Black vest’ protesters storm Panthéon in Paris BBC (furzy)

Glenn Greenwald becomes focus of Brazil press freedom debate Associated Press (Chuck L)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Revealed: This Is Palantir’s Top-Secret User Manual For Cops Vice

Top Assange Defense Account Deleted By Twitter Caitlin Johnstone

S Mayors Resolve Not To Pay Hackers Over Ransomware Attacks CNET


House Votes to Prevent Trump From Entering Unauthorized War With Iran, Setting Up Showdown With Senate Washington Post

S-400 missile system: What is it and why does Turkey want it? DW

US greenlights missiles for al-Qaeda-linked, Turkish-backed Salafi-jihadists occupying Syria’s Idlib Grayzone (Chuck L)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Hypersonic Missiles’ Aren’t Starting an Arms Race—Washington Is FAIR. UserFriendly: “Gets a few things wrong (e.g. aircraft carriers are already obsolete) but still useful.”

Trump Transition

a href=”https://thehill.com/homenews/house/452907-mueller-to-give-extended-testimony-after-postponed-appearance” rel=”nofollow”>Mueller to give extended testimony after appearance postponed The Hill

Concord Management and the End of Russiagate? Consortiumnews (furzy)

Hamptons Problems: The MAGA Invasion Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg Vanity Fair

Border Patrol Chief Was Member of Secret Facebook Group Intercept (furzy)

Trump Gives Up on Census, Launches New Attack on Democracy Rolling Stone (furzy) Um, this looks to me to be Trump trying to save face. Plus the Census recommended this approach.

New footage shows severe overcrowding at Texas detainment facility NBC (furzy)

Democrats in Disarray

The Turn of the Pelosi Screw Sardonicky (UserFriendly

Pelosi, Please Stop Coddling Trump Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine (resilc)

U.S. House passes $733 billion defense policy bill after president threatens veto Reuters. Resilc: “Shit lite DNC rolls.”


For NYT, Inconvenient Facts Equal ‘Russian-Style Disinformation’ FAIR (UserFriendly, furzy)

Joe Biden’s Senate Records Are Being Kept Secret: Why? Washington Post

L’affaire Epstein

US Labour Secretary Alex Acosta resigns over Epstein case BBC


Jeffrey Epstein paid $350K to ‘influence’ possible co-conspirators: prosecutors NBC

Why Did Jeffrey Epstein Fly Back To The US? Ilargi

Our Famously Free Press

Why Does WaPo See Black as an ‘Identity’—but Not Multi-Millionaire? FAIR (UserFriendly)

What is ergodicity? Lars P. Syll (UserFriendly). A topic in ECONNED, see Chapter 2.

FTC approves $5bn settlement with Facebook Financial Times and Facebook $5 Billion Privacy Settlement Approved Bloomberg

Facebook Denies Being a Social Network in Lawsuit Response PC Mag

Bird, One of the World’s Largest Scooter Startups, Lost $100 Million in Three Months Business Insider

Charts Suggest the Dow Index Is Being Painted to Get “New Highs” in the Market Pam Martens and Russ Martens (UserFriendly). Um, they think this is news?

AT&T Breaks Another Merger Promise In Making ‘Friends’ Exclusive Tech Dirt (Chuck L)

Class Warfare

Some of Amazon’s highly-paid tech workers say warehouse worker conditions are ‘a source of shame’ Business Insider (David L). Not enough shame to lead them to earn a more honest living.

Another reason your wages are low: it’s cheaper to hire convicts MarketWatch

Booted From Queens, Amazon Is Now Driving Up Rents In Virginia Instead Gothamist (furzy)

Dem leaders float new tweak to soften minimum wage bill Politico. Resilc: “Fighting for you, da DNC.”

Antidote du jour. Lawrence R: “The back porch of Mount Washington Hotel”:


And a bonus. Overview from the Guardian:

Alexis has a life-threatening disease. She spends her time in the wooded expanse of northern Scotland, where she takes care of dozens of animals who are also sick, wounded or dying. Some have terminal cancer, some would otherwise be killed because of their disabilities, some were saved from slaughterhouses. Alexis provides palliative care for them.

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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