/Links 7/2/19

Links 7/2/19

Alaska’s heat wave fuels dangerous smoke, melts glaciers Reuters (EM)

‘Precipitous’ fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014 revealed Guardian. Resilc: “Burn, baby, burn.”

‘It’s getting warmer, wetter, wilder’: the Arctic town heating faster than anywhere Guardian (UserFriendly)

The perilous politics of climate change Financial Times (David L)

The Mycelium Revolution Is Upon Us Scientific American (David L)

This Fungus Eats Polyurethane Sierra Club

The Modern Farmer Guide to Small-Space Gardening Modern Farmer (furzy)

Scientists Make Model Embryos From Stem Cells To Study Key Steps In Human Development NPR (David L)


This is over my pay grade. The tweetstorm below shows all the windows in the ground floor of LegCo were broken and officials love to use property destruction as an excuse for a crackdown. On the other, the turnout across Hong Kong appears to be huge. How do you put down protests if they rise to the level of say 25% of the population?

Hong Kong protests: Carrie Lam condemns ‘extreme use of violence’ BBC

HK riot police forced to retake city legislature Financial Times

From yesterday, but amazing shots and clips of a day’s action that culminated in the storming and occupation of LegCo:

North Korea

Hope for a Breakthrough in Korea Ray McGovern, ConsortiumNews


Iran breaches uranium stockpile limit set by nuclear deal Associated Press

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Amazon introduces computer vision into warehouses Financial Times

Facebook Abused To Spread Remote Access Trojans Since 2015 ZDNet

Imperial Collapse Watch

A top US Navy engineer says the fleet needs to get out and bust the rust Defense News. Resilc: “Send to some Bengali shipbreakers and save the cash.”

US arms control office critically understaffed under Trump, experts say Guardian (furzy)

Trump Transition

Dear Hollywood: a live reading of the Mueller report will not defeat Trump Guardian (resilc)

Cartoonist loses job after image depicting Trump ignoring dead migrants to play golf Independent (furzy)

My Customers Don’t Pay Trump’s Tariffs Wall Street Journal (LW). Key section:

Most American companies won’t roll over and pay 25% more for a product. They will demand lower prices from their Chinese factory sales representative.

That’s what my purchasing department did. The moment the tariffs went into effect, we were on the phone with our Chinese factories, demanding price adjustments on our orders. Every single factory conceded.

My company is established but it’s not enormous. So why were the Chinese factories willing to accommodate our demand for lower prices?

Bankole: Blacks should stop apologizing for Dems Detroit News (UserFriendly)

AMA Abortion Lawsuit Puts Doctors In The Thick Of Debate KHN

Florida governor signs law allowing felons to vote but there’s a price Reuters (EM)

Border Patrol Out of Control

AOC says migrants forced to drink toilet water after tense border visit New York Post (furzy). Hoo boy.

Agents feared riots, armed themselves because of dire conditions at migrant facility, DHS report says NBC (furzy)

At the time the inspectors visited the border station, two civilian staff members were buying food for over 1,000 people on their credit cards.

“They’re spending $10,000 a day on cards not designed for that purpose,” the report said.

Health Care

Red States that refused to expand Medicaid under the ACA are seeing their rural hospitals close down Daily Kos (furzy)


What Kamala Harris Didn’t Say New Republic

Harris hops past Biden in early race for Black Caucus support The Hill

Kamala Harris Exposed a Flaw in Joe Biden that Trump Will Exploit New Yorker (UserFriendly)

How Lobbyists and Insiders Could End Up Choosing Democratic Nominee Intercept (furzy)

John Hickenlooper’s War on Socialism New Yorker (fruzy)

The deadly poison sarin was detected in a mail bag at Facebook’s offices in California Business Insider (David L)

Future Without Currency Wars? by Harold James Project Syndicate. UserFriendly: “Literally the worst take I have ever read.”

Center for American Progress Puts ThinkProgress Up for Sale Daily Beast. UserFriendly: “LOL.”

Journalism Layoffs Are at the Highest Level Since Last Recession Bloomberg (furzy)

The oligarchs won’t give you peace Carl Beijer

Monetary Independence and Rollover Crises Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (UserFriendly)

Class Warfare

Conservatives are desperate to absolve the 1 percent The Week (UserFriendly)

Canceling all college debt will make us smarter and richer (Opinion) CNN (UserFriendly)

Restoring the Great American Middle Class American Conservative

Antidote du jour. “Pileated woodpecker – photographer Charlie Mullen.”


And a bonus (martha r):

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