Today we look at the seven questions between you and a rock-solid sales process, as outlined in the SBI Revenue Growth methodology

01:12 Strategic alignment, the key to a successful sales methodology
03:35 The anatomy of a successful sales methodology
10:22 An overview of the 7 steps to winning more deals in less time
12:33 Question One: What does a buyer want from you at the later stages of their decision process?
13:42 Question Two: How do you know when a buyer exits one purchase stage and enters the next one?
17:03 Question Three: What is your process for turning buyer interest into a purchase decision?
19:15 Question Four: What resources does the sales team need when executing the sales process?
21:26 Question Five: How do you get the sales team to adopt the sales process?
25:30 Question Six: How do you make your sales process easy to execute with technology?
26:45 Question Seven: How will you track metrics that indicate successes and/or failures of your sales process?

SBI Insider Episode Summary

This week on the SBI Insider: Sales and Marketing Insights Podcast, SBI’s own Dan Perry and Eric Estrella look at the seven questions that stand between you and the development of a sales process that holds strategic alignment with your consumer’s behavior and your corporate strategy.

In answering these key questions, we discuss how to use strategic alignment for consistent sales results and how to suss out a tactic from sales strategy to drive efficiency. We also examine the anatomy of a successful sales methodology, before diving deep into details such as developing a data plan to allow you to hit your number, the difference between having a multiple and singular sales process, why you should adopt an outward-in sales process, defining your consumer’s exit criteria and enabling the sales process with technology. We also explain why market research is the key to getting it right and how to identify major interactions along the buying process so you can develop a call plan that anticipates potential sales disruptions.

We wrap up with a look at tracking sales process successes and failures with metrics to ensure that a sales strategy is operating as planned.

Ready to Make Your Number?
If you want a copy of the workbook mentioned in this video, go to to see the details of our six-step revenue growth method which covers market research, corporate strategy, product strategy, marketing strategy, sales strategy, and talent strategy. If you want to have one of SBI’s seasoned sales and marketing consultants help you implement our revenue growth strategy in your organization, let us know at

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