An overview of the sales process B2B sales reps should follow. This sales strategy is built around meeting with the real decision makers – focusing 100% on their business outcomes and leading them through the evaluation process, aligning the offering, and closing on relative value.
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B2B Sales- The Way It Should Be

This is Karen, she’s a B2B technology sales rep.
Karen’s on her way to meet a brand new prospect.
One that she discovered.
Can you see the competence that she conveys?
Karen is actually going to meet with their business- level decision makers.
She’ll provide them with options for improving their business results.

She will discuss approaches with them on how they can increase their market share, reduce their operational time, improve their 1st time quality, meet compliance or increase their profitability. – A business- to- business conversation.
This meeting won’t be the typical get to know each other session… PowerPoint overview or another demo.
Karen will be 100% focused on improving her customer’s competitive advantage.
Within a very short period of time, she will lead their entire evaluation process… align your offerings and close the sale based on improved business outcomes …provided at a fair market price.
She won’t engage in a feature functionality war… or a race to the bottom.
Karen is working with the real decision makers and they are looking for business outcomes.
She doesn’t need to claim to have the world’s best product, or be at the lowest price.
No… Karen’s not a rockstar…she’s simply a Smart Sales Methods practitioner.
Also, notice that she is not carrying donuts or bringing gifts
How much more revenue would you bring into your organization, if all of your sales reps could sell like Karen?

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