/These car models from Subarus to Chevys to Lexus are so hot theyre flying off car dealers lots

These car models from Subarus to Chevys to Lexus are so hot theyre flying off car dealers lots

New models and long-time favorites share the list of the 26 quickest-selling vehicles in the United States last year. The level of demand is based on the number of days it takes for a dealer to sell a car, also known as days to turn, with top movers taking from 19.9 days to 46.6 days to find buyers.

Though consumers show a preference for familiar models that have been refreshed multiple times over decades, there are some surprises at the top of the list, where there are a trio of brand-new models.

With consumers preferences shifting to crossovers and SUVs in the last decade, it comes as no surprise to find these types of vehicles dwarfing competitors in sales and sales speed. A mere handful of sedans are represented here compared with 17 SUVs and crossovers. Perhaps surprisingly, only one pickup appears in the lineup, the Toyota Tacoma. A coupe and a pair of hatchbacks round out the roster.

The demand list also skews toward the high end, evidenced by 15 luxury models versus 11 mass-market vehicles. International brands are strongly represented, with models including three American, seven European, and 16 Asian models.

High demand does not necessarily indicate a high volume of sales. Some models on this list sell well into the hundreds of thousands, but others do not even hit five digits. Tracking how long it takes for units to sell helps manufacturers decide how many vehicles to produce the following year.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed the average number of days each model sat on a dealer lot before being sold in 2018 in the United States, based on data provided by Kelley Blue Book. These are the 26 cars that sold in less than 50 days in 2018.

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