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In this video, I'll share with you a 7 simple step sales process that allowed me to make $30 million last year (and am on track to do the same this year. Being the CEO and founder of a company that went from zero to $2.5 million a month in two years to now currently pacing to $30 million a year is exceptional.

This sales process has personally worked for me and my business (and the hundreds of businesses that I've coached) and I honestly believe that everybody can achieve the same results once they've mastered this sales process to the dot.

In this video, you'll learn the following:
– The 7-Simple Step Sales Process That Made Me $30 Million
– The 7 Buying Beliefs
– Sales Process / Sales Beliefs / Handling Sales Objection

This YouTube channel is all about 7-Figure Selling Secrets for entrepreneurs and sales reps to increase their closing ratio, systematize their pipeline & follow up, eliminate sales ruts (for good), and build and scale their sales team!

My name is Cole Gordon & I am the founder of The 7-Figure Selling Academy. The 7 figure selling academy is dedicated to allowing you to step into your fullest potential when it comes to sales so you can consistently enroll your dream clients into your vision.

On this channel, you can expect the following:
✅Value-driven interviews
✅Collaborative Q&As
✅Exclusive sales training (for free)
✅Sales Training Courses & Coaching Programs

Thank you so much for being here – it's time to enroll like a BOSS.

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